Display the swan ice sculpture on a medium-sized mirror to look like a swan swimming in a pond. Add greenery and flowers if desired. To make a golden swan, freeze the mold with apple juice.

  • Display ice sculpture on a tray with ice cubes around the base. Add fruit, vegetables, or seafood on top of the ice.
  • Drape white fabric around the base of the bell ice sculpture. Add vases of flowers around the ice sculpture or flower petals with votive candles.
  • Make several heart ice sculptures of clear, red, or pink colors. Place ice sculptures at varying heights across a long table for a wedding buffet.
  • Display bride and groom ice sculpture in the center of a buffet table with several heart ice sculptures on either side down the table.
  • Place one bride and groom or heart ice sculpture to opposite sides of a large floral arrangement on a round table.
  • Drape cloth around base of ice sculpture to hide the container to catch run-off water.
  • Freeze a photo of the bride and groom into the heart mold. Laminate the photo before freezing in the ice mold. Partially freeze water before placing photo into the bottom of ice mold.
  • Freeze flowers or photo into a block of ice base. Bases add height, longevity, and stability to ice sculpture.
  • Freeze flowers or mint leaves into ice cubes. Place ice cubes at the base of the ice sculpture and add flowers to display.
  • All molds look great with floral arrangements as shown on our website.

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