Birthday Parties

  • Put any of the ice sculptures in a tub of crushed ice. Add favorite drinks to tub and display at your party.
  • Fill dolphin or star mold with soda or punch. When frozen, add to a bowl full of the same soda or punch. It makes a great summer party treat!
  • Put food coloring or Kool-Aid in the water before freezing to create a colored dolphin or clown.
  • Make an ice block with tropical plants such as seaweed showing through to make it look like the dolphin is swimming in the ocean. Color dolphin ice sculpture blue and place on top of the ice block. Place ice sculpture in sand and surround with shells, starfish, and other ocean themed items.
  • Place fruit slices in bottom of the dolphin mold before pouring the water in. Display the ice sculpture on a tray with crushed ice. Place fresh cut-up fruit on top of ice for a summer or party gathering.
  • Make an ice cream cake out of the clown mold. Follow directions of making an ice cream cake and add candy on top when finished for décor. Keep cake frozen until using or candy will start to melt onto the ice cream.
  • Surround clown ice sculpture curled ribbon, party hats, or other party décor for a birthday party.

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