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“All I can say is ‘how adorable’. I have never seen such a cute and clever idea for home entertaining. But I bought your Snowman Mold and guess what I did with it? We live in Wisconsin where it stays very cold during the winter. I made up several snowmen and set them out along each side of my driveway. Then I put candles in jars behind each one. I am the talk of the neighborhood and I love it!”

—Corienne H., Green Bay, Wisconsin

“I received my Bunny ice sculpture mold as a gift and was delighted. I have tried all sorts of things with it and my friends have all borrowed it from me for a party or shower they were giving—do you have other designs?”

—Leslie M. Oregon

“Angels are so fun, and they’re not just for Christmas! My angel ice sculpture was really a hit with my friends when I put it on my table as a centerpiece at Easter. Everyone raved and asked me where I got it—sorry, I kept that secret to myself. Do you make any other molds?”

—Clarisse, Montana

“My students raved over the Heart ‘Jell-O’ Mold this past Valentine’s Day. I put whipped cream cheese and fresh berries in the one side of the heart. They really thought I was awesome!”

—Amber M., California

“I made a gorgeous Swan Ice Sculpture by pouring in Sparkling Apple Juice instead of water. When it was frozen and I turned it out of the mold, it was a beautiful textured Gold Swan. My family was so impressed. It was really a beautiful centerpiece.”

—Carol H., Ohio

“Where did you ever come up with this idea? I give a huge Halloween party every year and I’m always looking for something unique to add to the decor—and this year I was really excited about your pumpkin mold. I put flowers behind it like you show on the box and I added lights too! That made it really stand out and I had lots of oohs and aahs from my guests.”

—Jacquie W., Newark, New Jersey

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