• Display the bell mold surrounded with green garland. Add red berries, pinecones, or candles.
  • Freeze the angel mold with light blue water using food coloring or Kool-Aid.
  • Place candles, pine boughs, pinecones, or other holiday d├ęcor around angel or snowman ice sculpture for added effect. Don’t put the candles too close to the ice sculpture or it will melt very quickly!
  • After making a clear snowman ice sculpture, chisel a little hole using a screwdriver or knife. Add carrot as a nose and raisins as eyes and buttons. Sprinkle coconut on and around base of snowman to look like snow.
  • Make a vanilla ice cream cake with the snowman mold. See our instructions page for tips. Decorate with a carrot nose and raisins (or candy) for eyes and buttons.
  • Freeze pinecones or parts of pine branches into a block of ice. Display the snowman or bell ice sculpture on top of the block of ice.
  • Sprinkle glitter (silver and blue look nice for the holidays) into a tart or gelatin molds. Add water and freeze. Arrange these decorative shapes at the bottom of the angel or snowman mold.
  • Add jars or vases full of ball ornaments around ice sculpture to add sparkle and decoration.

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